World Premiere at Space Foundation – Oct 17th


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — A ‘Drone Soccer’ indoor arena is the newest temporary exhibit at the Space Foundation Discovery Center that opens to the public from October 6th-17th, 2020. Drone Soccer is a high-tech and fast-growing robotic sport played with flying quadcopters enclosed in protective spheres. Teams of either three or five pilots attempt to fly through raised vertical hoops while dodging or blocking opponents.

Robotic sports such as first-person-view (FPV) drone racing have exploded in popularity recently, including the Drone Racing League on ESPN. As a new sport, Drone Soccer represents a growth from solo events to team sports. Drone soccer has become a phenomenon in South Korea with over 600 teams competing and international events already taking place. The U.S. Drone Soccer League is dedicated to expanding educational access with plans to release middle and high-school curriculum based on Next Generation Science Standards.

“The game is difficult to describe, but it looks a lot like Quidditch played by drones. Everyone who sees it immediately wants to play.” says U.S. Drone Soccer Co-founder and former Air Force pilot, Kyle Sanders, “We believe that Drone Soccer creates an exciting team environment that inspires students to pursue engineering and aerospace careers.”

Space Foundation visitors will be able to try their hand at flying in the U.S Drone Soccer Arena. Then from Earth to Mars, attendees will also learn about NASA’s recently launched “Perseverance” rocket mission to Mars which will deploy the first robotic drone to fly on another planet, the “Ingenuity” Helicopter. The U.S Drone Soccer World Premiere concludes on October 17th during a special event featuring top drone pilots and a virtual exhibition of this new sport.

U.S. Drone Soccer is seeking local pilots and educators to take part in the first Ambassador League. Register now for more information at

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