Intelligent Living Magazine “The Future of Soccer Is Finally Here: Drone Soccer”

by Luana Steffen May 1, 2020
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Drone soccer is a new, fast-growing, futuristic sport that takes traditional soccer to a whole new level. The game was first introduced to drone enthusiasts in 2016, by a research team from CAMTIC Institute of Technology, based in South Korea’s Jeonju city. The city launched the first match on November 4th using balls developed in partnership with CAMTIC.

The first international tournament of Drone Soccer, “The 2018 Robo Universe Drone Soccer competition,” took place on June 30th, 2018, in Goyang city. Over three-hundred people from twenty-two teams competed for the winning trophy.

The Future Of Soccer Is Finally Here: Drone Soccer
On November 4th, the city of Jeonju showcased the first match using balls developed in partnership with CAMTIC. Credit: Jeonju
The Future Of Soccer Is Finally Here: Drone Soccer
Credit: Jeonju

Drone soccer is a mix of drone flying and playing soccer involving two teams of up to five players per team whose mission is to score the highest number of goals. The two groups of drone pilots face off at either end of a cage, representing the soccer field. On each end of the pen are the goals, which are two rings suspended by ropes. Since they are suspended, if a drone bumps into it, it swings out of the way, making it more challenging.

The soccer balls are drones fitted with 360-degree cages, which ensures the drones can crash without any damage. The cages that surround the drones are equipped with different colored LED lights to identify each team’s ball and are made of carbon fiber. Pilots must fly the team’s soccer drone into the goal at the opposite end of the cage. Only one drone is allowed to fly through the ring, leaving the rest of the drones to attack and defend each other.

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