Drone Soccer: The Awesome New Sport You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted By: Miriam McNabb

December 06, 2019

Amsterdam Drone Week has been full of innovative ideas and discussions on deep topics from European regulations to smart cities and urban air mobility.  Alongside the serious conversations, however, another innovation was demonstrated in the RAI’s Drone Arena: drone soccer.

If you’ve never heard of drone soccer, you’re not alone. Patrick Coumans of The Drone Racing Federation, the organizer of the event, says that drone soccer was introduced to the Netherlands just this week – but so far, it’s been a big hit.

Here’s how it works.  Two teams of drone operators face off at either end of a drone cage, representing the soccer field.  The goals are two rings suspended by ropes – which means that they swing out of the way if struck on the sides.  The soccer balls are drones suspended in a round cage, which protects the drone when it lands (or falls) to the ground.  Different colored lights identify each team’s ball.  Operators must fly their drones through the goal at the opposite end of the cage – cooperating when they can, and adjusting their technique against the other team to get the most goals in a set time.


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