When will Drone Soccer take hold in the USA?

In early 2016 a small group of gentle Korean technologists gathered to talk about the future of technology, students, and happiness.  Why happiness one may ask, because technology can drive students into their own world of cell phones and messaging without them looking up, without them truly interacting with other.

Drone soccer was envisioned as a safe way to work with technology to build a craft that flies, that can fly into other aircraft without damage. Once airborne, the game ensues. Three on three, four on four, or five verses fiveā€¦the thrill of flight mixed with the thrill of competition.

In November 2018 at the first ever FAI World Drone Racing Championship in Shenzhen China the notion of drone soccer plus a well written set of FAI F9U (Drone Soccer ) rules were presented to a small delegation from the USA. It was from that point on that collaboration began, ideas were germinated and nurtured.

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